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We often get asked, when is the best time to divide perennials. The quick and dirty answer is "it depends".
Almost every gardener knows roses require pruning every year, but many people are daunted by the chore. The most beautiful
Everything requires water, including the grass and plants that make up the beauty of a landscaped yard and property. To
One the best things about living in the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area of Canada, is the proficient colour
The history of the Easter Lily
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Not only do plants need "food", they also require fertilization. The best time to fertilize shrubs is April to May,
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Fruit tree planting for success
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Moss control, detatching, aerating are all good for your lawn
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When you own a property that has acreage with rolling green lawns and gardens to enjoy, it is important to
Just like inside your home, the aesthetics is in the layout of the space, paths and gardens on your property.