Dividing Perennials

We often get asked, when is the best time to divide perennials. The quick and dirty answer is “it depends”.

There are some perennials that should not be divided. Some, such as peonies, need to be divided in the fall. Most are best done in the spring, once growth has just started to allow the plant to spring back and gain the new seasonal growth.

Plants that have grown 3 times larger, tend to be at their prime time for dividing. Give the plant water before you begin, and helps the plant maintain the moisture it needs for a quick recovery.

Dig around the entire plant. It is always best to separate roots by hand, not with a shovel! Pitch forks work great to lift the plant out of the garden. They are also good for breaking the plant apart.

Ornamental grasses tend to be difficult to divide, for them you may need to use the shovel or an ax to split the roots.

Rules to follow:

  • Divide on an overcast day so you don’t stress the roots and plant;
  • Treat your newly divided plant, like a seedling, it needs some TLC for a few days;
  • If, once planted, the plant begins to wilt, use a lightweight cover to protect until the plant has become accustomed to their new home.

To keep any grounds looking their best, dividing your perennials is necessary and needed. Our team of professional landscapers keep an eye for when the plants on the properties we oversee, would benefit from dividing and if possible, where the new plants can be relocated or placed. Call us at 604-316-7792 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for us to have a look at how best to get your perennial plants looking their best. We take pride in the strata properties and the high-end homes we service in the Lower Mainland, Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.